5 Best Dedicated Server Providers

In the event that you're hoping to host a corporate site or a custom venture, you'll require hands down the best dedicated server hosting, as this will furnish you with enough resources and security measures for a major task.

By picking dedicated hosting, the client leases a physical server with every one of its resources and the executives undertakings distributed to them alone. This implies that server storage, transfer speed, execution improvements, and security portions, completely, have a place with you. This makes it extraordinary for huge and information touchy activities or sites and not so fitting for fledglings.

Apart from thinking about a cloud management platform, you may want to use a dedicated server service for your business site, which may now it's growing significantly.

So to assist you with pursuing an educated choice and pick the best dedicated server hosting, we have examined north of 10 hosts. Our attention was on their equipment details, resources, and security. Furthermore, we likewise did direct execution and convenience testing by setting ready our own sites on said provider servers. Keep perusing to find our top choices for the best dedicated server hosting providers.

  1. Bluehost – affordable unmanaged server hosting
  2. DreamHost – highly configurable managed servers
  3. HostGator – fully and semi-managed server hosting
  4. InterServer – best cheap dedicated hosting
  5. InMotion Hosting – resource-rich unmanaged solutions 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

Dedicated server

Is it safe to say that you are after a strong answer for your huge undertaking? Need a great deal of resources and security? Assuming this is the case, the dedicated server is the ideal decision. We tested our top-evaluated hosting solutions to choose the best ones with dedicated hosting plans. Our testing rules included equipment points of interest, execution, highlights, security apparatuses, client service, and price-to-esteem proportion.

1. Bluehost - financial plan cordial unmanaged dedicated hosting

  • Server specifics: From 4CPU, 8RAM, 1TB HDD storage, and unmetered bandwidth
  • Management: Unmanaged
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Price: From $89.98/month

Bluehost is a generally excellent dedicated hosting choice for those searching for an unmanaged hosting arrangement. The host offers dedicated servers with the Linux working framework explicitly, in addition to a free cPanel included with Root Access is likewise included with every one of its plans.

Server features: Server features separate in light of which membership plan you'll pick. The choices fluctuate from 4 to 8 computer processors, 1 to 2TB HDD storage, and 8 to 30GB Smash. In any case, all plans accompany limitless transfer speed and no SSL.

Management: Bluehost just offers unmanaged dedicated server hosting choices. This implies that this choice probably won't be the most reasonable for amateurs. Be that as it may, you will likewise get cPanel and WHM. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch deal with your server, its resources, and your website.

Performance: North of a month of checking our test site on an uncovered server, it had 100 percent uptime and a 438ms normal reaction time. Taking a gander at the reaction time, it tends to be put among probably the fastest on the lookout. As this is only an uncovered server, a couple of streamlining devices can additionally upgrade the exhibition. In conclusion, Bluehost completely claims its server farms. Significant the said focuses are situated in the US alone.

Additional features: All plans incorporate root access, Assault storage, and dedicated support. What's more, Bluehost incorporates top notch storage arrangement devices like Strike 1. This subsystem "reflects" your information onto a subsequent drive, which makes it considerably more excess. Likewise, Bluehost permits you to build the accessible storage on your server continuously at whatever point you want it.

Customer support: You get dedicated support explicitly prepared to assist with dedicated hosting issues. Such assistance is accessible all day, every day for anything that issue you could experience.

Price: Bluehost offers 3 dedicated server plans with prices going from $89.98 to $139.99 each month for a three year plan. Furthermore, there's likewise a 30-day unconditional promise accessible for you. Area charges and most additional items aren't covered.

Eventually, Bluehost is an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you're searching for an unmanaged dedicated server. The prices are generally low, and the resources are bounty. Its presentation is exceptionally quick as well.

2. DreamHost – flexible managed dedicated servers

  • Server specifics: From 4CPU, 4RAM, 1TB HDD storage, and unmetered transmission capacity
  • Management: Managed
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Price: From $149.00/month

DreamHost is best known for its truly reasonable and asset rich shared hosting plans; be that as it may, it conveys similar liberality with its strong managed dedicated hosting plans as well. 9 unique plans, all incorporate full root access, 100 percent uptime SLA ensure, and unmetered transmission capacity.

Server features: The 3 Standard plans utilize an Intel Xeon 4-Center 8-String framework with 1TB of HDD storage. Slam, notwithstanding, differs somewhere in the range of 4GB and 16GB separately. The 6 Upgraded plans utilize an Intel Xeon 12-Center 24-String framework. The resources differ from 16 to 64GB Smash and 2TB HDD to 240GB SSD storage.

Management: DreamHost offers just managed server hosting solutions, yet you get full root and shell access (SSH,) meaning you are in full control of your server. Besides, in the event that you're not completely acquainted with the order line interface, DreamHost likewise offers a specially fabricated board to deal with your websites, data sets, email, and charging.

Performance: In about a month of checking, our site, based on the test server, showed a 100 percent uptime and 636ms normal reaction time. While the reaction time isn't the fastest, it very well may be improved with a couple of extra speed enhancements. Uptime, in any case, is perfect. Presently as far as server farms, DreamHost offers servers in the US only. This implies that the best exhibition will be ensured for the US crowds as well.

Additional features:. DreamHost offers DDoS protection, root access, SSH, limitless transfer speed, Ubuntu Linux operating system, affiliate and sub-account the executives includes, an exclusively fabricated board, and Strike storage (for quicker and more secure information keeping), in addition to other things.

Client service: Each membership choice is completely managed and accompanies day in and day out specialized support that can be reached by means of live talk, email, and telephone (for an additional charge).

Price: DreamHost's 9 base plans cost from $149.00 to $379.00 each month with a yearly membership. Also, DreamHost doesn't build its prices on the reestablishment. You get to remain straightforward, realizing that the price won't soar whenever. Sadly, however, all dedicated hosting plans are nonrefundable.

Eventually, DreamHost is an extraordinary choice for reasonable, managed dedicated server hosting. It incorporates limitless transmission capacity with all plans, however its sluggish server reaction times are a little disturbing.

3. HostGator - completely and semi-managed dedicated hosting

  • Server specifics: From 4CPU, 8RAM, 1TB HDD storage, and unmetered data transfer capacity
  • Management: Semi or completely managed
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Price: From $89.98/month

HostGator offers a choice of truly adaptable dedicated server hosting solutions. These incorporate completely and semi-managed choices, the selection of Windows and Linux working frameworks, and exceptionally liberal server resources.

Server features: For server highlights, you get a shifted measure of resources relying upon your plan - from 4 to 8 centers, 1TB HDD to 1TB SSD storage, and 8 to 30GB Smash. Moreover, the center level plan allows you to pick from SSD or HDD storage.

Management: HostGator permits you to choose semi or completely managed dedicated server hosting with one or the other Windows (Plesk dashboard) or Linux (cPanel dashboard) working frameworks, contingent upon your necessities. Despite what you pick, HostGator guarantees you full control of your server.

Performance: In an extended's observing of our website, the uptime stayed at an ideal 100 percent. Moreover, the prominent 448ms normal server reaction time is likewise perfect. Particularly when you think about that this is an uncovered server with next to no enhancements to make it quicker. Notwithstanding, remember that HostGator's server farms are all in the US. This implies that the best exhibition is normal as far as we're concerned crowds as well.

Extra features: Every one of the 3 plans accompany unmetered transfer speed, Intel Xeon-D central processor, DDoS protection, programmed reinforcements, 3 dedicated IP addresses, full root access, Attack 1 storage, and limitless MySQL data sets.

Client care: Assuming you end up encountering any issues en route, realize that dedicated server hosting accompanies premium support that is accessible day in and day out/365. You can contact HostGator specialists by means of live talk or telephone. Regardless of the time or spot, they're there to take care of you.

Price: HostGator offers 3 dedicated server hosting plans with prices going from $89.98/month to $139.99/month. One thing to note - prices are a lot higher on recharging. Whenever prices first are an oddball thing. For instance, a three year Worth plan reestablishes at a twofold rate. Moreover, note that there is no unconditional promise or discount with dedicated server hosting.

By and large, HostGator offers a decent assortment concerning the executives (managed and semi-managed) and working frameworks. Furthermore, liberal server resources and reliable execution make the host considerably more appropriate for your ventures.

4. InterServer - cheap and adaptable dedicated server hosting

  • Server specifics: From 2CPU, 15RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 150TB data transmission
  • Management: Managed
  • Uptime: 99.92%
  • Price: From $70.00/month

InterServer offers the cheapest dedicated server hosting on this rundown. Likewise the main provider has such an assortment of customization suppositions with regards to plans and resources. There are 11 standard plans, and each and every one of them can be altered to accommodate your particular requirements.

Server features: Server resources separate in light of which membership plan you'll pick - 2 to 24 centers, 1 to 2TB SSD storage, and 15 to 118GB Slam. Note that there are incalculable different designs accessible where you can arrange the server as you wish.

You can pick in the event that you might want to deal with your websites or applications through an order line or through a board. The provider offers a free Webuzo board and cPanel and WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin for an additional charge.

Performance: InterServer's 99.92% uptime is the most minimal of any provider on this rundown. Nonetheless, it appears to be that most free times for our testing server have happened all the while, meaning this might have been a one-time issue. Likewise, the 512ms normal server reaction time is very great. Ultimately, InterServer's server farms are claimed by them and are situated in the US alone.

Extra highlights: All dedicated hosting solutions accompany different highlights, including DDoS protection, day in and day out observing, information relocation from a current help, 10TB of transmission capacity, managed support services, and the decision of a 1GB or a 10GB port. What's more, there are likewise remote reboots and distant KVM (Portion based Virtual Machine).

Client service: You'll get managed support and day in and day out uptime observing for a dedicated server membership. Along these lines, somebody will constantly be actually looking at your site's presentation.

Price: InterServer prices start from $70.00/month and reach to hundreds every month for cutting edge designs. What's extremely helpful is that all prices are accessible with month to month memberships, and they don't increment on reestablishment. Nonetheless, there doesn't have all the earmarks of being any unconditional promise or discount strategy.

All things considered, InterServer is a great host for certain minor blemishes. Its prices are perfect, and it offers extremely liberal server resources. Nonetheless, its exhibition isn't exactly comparable to that of different providers on this rundown.

5. InMotion Hosting - expedient unmanaged dedicated solutions

  • Server specifics:From 4CPU, 16RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 10TB transmission capacity
  • Management: Managed or unmanaged
  • Uptime: 99.93%
  • Price: From $69.99/month

InMotion Hosting takes care of both those searching for a managed dedicated Linux server with a cPanel, as well as those wishing to buy uncovered metal server. The host stays up with the latest, meaning exhibition, choice of security elements, and brilliant steering innovation will be of great.

Server features: The managed and unmanaged plans incorporate different programming and arrangement choices. In any case, the two choices offer plans that reach from 4 to 32 centers, 1TB SSD to 2x3.2TB NVMe SSD storage, and 16 GB Slam up to 512GB DDR4 Smash.

Management: You can redo both managed and unmanaged plans, as full root access is accessible with both. Simply remember that main managed plans accompany free cPanel/WHM.

Performance: All through an extended observing cycle, our testing server was disconnected for 31 minutes. While this doesn't seem like a lot, it has brought about an uptime of 99.93%. Luckily, the 414ms normal server reaction time is hopefully acceptable. Note that all servers are situated in the USA. This basically implies that the US crowds will get the best presentation results.

Extra features: Regardless of which plan you select, all dedicated server bundles accompany a free SSL declaration, custom firewall, dedicated server-prepared support, off-site computerized reinforcements, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Client assistance: Custom server hosting is created dependent upon the situation with the assistance of the InMotion group, so you'll continually have the required support. Likewise, it incorporates as long as 2 hours of free support.

Price: InMotion Hosting offers 14 dedicated server hosting choices - 7 managed and 7 unmanaged hosting plans. The most reduced price for managed dedicated server plans begins at $89.99/month and goes up to $739.99/month. The unmanaged choices range from $69.99/month to $699.99/month. You will likewise be safeguarded by a 30-day unconditional promise.

Eventually, InMotion Hosting is on this rundown of the best dedicated server hosting providers which is as it should be. It gives exceptionally adjustable solutions upheld by extraordinary execution and excellent support.

Key Points of Choosing Dedicated Server Services

While there are numerous providers offering dedicated server hosting solutions, not every one of them are equivalent. To truly ensure that you're getting the best arrangement conceivable, you ought to think about a couple of things:

  • Management type: dedicated servers can be managed, unmanaged, or semi-managed, really intending that with a managed server, you'll get some assistance from the hosting provider, while unmanaged will completely fall on your obligation.
  • Operating system: dedicated help hosting works with Windows or Linux operating system just, so you really want to consider which working framework you're more happy with working with.
  • Resources: dedicated server hosting is best for greater or even corporate websites since it gives a more significant level of resources.
  • Performance: this incorporates uptime and server reaction times.

Furthermore, even a more experienced client might find managed hosting extremely engaging, as it deals with normal errands like security measures, server checking, or programming refreshes. Simultaneously, you get full root admittance to deal with your server however you see fit. Best of the two universes, truly.

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